This is the site where you can get to know Fridizia!

But firstly, welcome dear reader.

If we were speaking in person, we would offer you a delicious beverage, turn down our music and find you a comfortable sofa to sit in. Now that we are all settled in, let us tell you a little about Fridizia.

Fridizia is an all-around design studio, co-owned by two bachelors of art, a tree hugger, Tjaša, and a pixel lover, Žiga. The studio is fully committed to bringing the essence of your project to the surface. At Fridizia we love to make an impact. Whether it comes to visual identities, branding, logos, print and digital materials , photography, 3D modeling or something entirely new, we always deliver an awesome result.

We devote ourselves to understanding your vision and presenting its story in the most effective way possible. We create design with character. To find out more, have a look at our projects.

The Dream Team


Tjaša Frida Jenko Founder - Lead Designer

Getting her first camera at the age of 16, she immediately fell in love with creativity. In the years to follow, this love grew to and beyond graphic design in which she also graduated.

She is the one who will get the crazy idea.

Žiga Bric 3D & graphic designer

Wondering about the tricks behind CGI in popular action movies, he took his first step into multimedia. His curiosity rapidly grew to photography, graphic and app design, and brought him a degree from 3D modeling.

He is the one who makes sure the crazy idea is pixel perfect.